8th International Conference for European EnergyManagers

VIII-ма Меѓународна Конференција на Европски енергетски менаџери , 29-30 Ноември 2017, Љубљана, Словенија http://www.energymanager.eu/trainingsinhalte/das-eurem-netzwerk/eurem-ko...

Организаторот на VIII-ма Меѓународна Конференција на Европски енергетски менаџери - Институтот Јожеф Стефан , Љубљана, Словенија повикува номинирање на говорници и модератори на претстојанта конференција на 29-30 Ноември 2017.

The conference is going to have 6 workshops in total. The workshop topics are the following:

- Energy auditing, energy management and ISO 50001

- Compressed Air Systems

- Heat recovery and waste heat utilization

- Combined Heat (and Cold) and Power | Lighting and regulation

- Energy efficiency in energy intensive industries

- Energy performance contracting

In each workshop there is a short introduction (impulse speach), done by guest speaker, and three or four descriptions of energy efficiency measures, done by EUREM alumni. As an incentive, the speakers at the EUREM Conference may take part free of charge. Travel costs can not be taken over. Conference language is English only. Speakers do have to be able to prepare the presentation slides in English as well as do the presentation in English language.

Испратете го вашиот интерес за учество на конференцијата на е-маил info@sbch.org.mk

EUREM Award 2017 Competition

The three projects represent the categories (one project for each category):

- small enterprises (up to 250 employees),

- medium enterprises (251 - 1000 employees) and

- large enterprises (more than 1000 employees)

The selected projects should have already been implemented or should currently be in the implementation phase.

The winners of the EUREM Awards are requested to attend the award ceremony in Ljubljana on November 30th 2017. There is no participation fee for the award winners for the whole two days of the EUREM Conference.

Nomination up to three projects (one for each category) would be send to the EUREM Consortium by 10th October 2017.

Номинираните проекти ќе бидат испратени до EUREM Consortium за потенцијална можност да бидат наградени на претстојната конференција во Љубљана на 30 Ноември 2017 г. Изборот на номинирани проекти од ЕУРЕМ МК ќе се реализира на Годишната WB6 Конвенција на Енергетски Менаџери на 6 Октомври 2017 год. http://www.sbch.org.mk/povici/energy-manager-wb6-convention

The 8th International ЕУРЕМ Conference

The 8th International Conference for European EnergyManagers is going to take place on Wednesday/Thursday, 29th/30th November 2017 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI) hosts the conference this year.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Slovenia!

Kind regards

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