Green Energy Day 2019

Sustainable Green Investments Forum


Green Energy Day 2019 is annual event organised by the Small Business Chamber in last 10 years named Macedonian Energy Day an event that has grown into a forum of designers of project concepts, investors and concerned institutions and government that have a common goal to contribute to the promotion of energy efficiency and environmental friendly practices in municipalities and regional economic development projects as well as for the green processing in the SMEs and development of green industry in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The main purpose of this Forum is to enable enterprices and municipalities access to finance from available sources of green capital, and to attract alternative green investors currently not present enough on the North Macedonian market.


1. „Challenge The Future„ - ADRIA Finance HUB - investment funds and project financing

2. „Smart Green Projects" - ESCO SUN -
financing model and implementation of technical equipment and solutions for energy management and energy efficiency

3. "Green processing and green industry" -
catalyzing the green industry and green manufacturing


The Competitiveness and Growth is identified as one of the key strategic priorities outlined in the IPA II Country Strategy Paper. Investing in the area of environment and climate action to promote protection of the environment, and the development towards a resource-efficient, low-carbon and climate-resilient economy. The programming frameworks for IPA need to be aligned to the EU policy on the transition to a low carbon, resource efficient and circular economy.

“Industrial Strategy of the Republic of North Macedonia 2018-2027”. Strategic goal 3 - Catalysis of green industry and green processing. This strategy focuses specifically on SMEs in the processing industry and in the eight main ways in which the manufacturing industry will be catalysed to support the green industry.


The Center for Financing and Mentoring Support and Adria Finance HUB within the Small Business Chamber continuously systematically monitors the available financial programs that support Green Investments in enterprices and municipalities: Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion (MBDP), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), World Bank, Green Climate Fund, IPA funds (local , regional ,cross-border Balkan-Mediterranean program, interregional), Horizon 2020 instruments for small medium-sized enterprises number 9 and 11, GIZ Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Open Source for Southeast Europe for Energy Efficiency IPARD Support Program , funds related to the so-called Berlin Process for WB6 Western Balkan countries, Investment Group Meta Group, Energy Institut der Wirtschaft GmbH, CMSR Center for International Cooperation and Development, The Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, Commercial Banks, etc.


In the Chamber's groups, type projects for financial programs and industries that are suitable for applying the listed available financial programs are made:

- Administrative structures of local self-government and state institutions, including schools, kindergartens, gyms, health facilities, etc.

- Industrial capacities for products and services that support sustainable development and energy saving, reconstruction of buildings and implementation of energy efficient heating and / or air conditioning technology for:
* Business administrative and service facilities - warehouses for food products, administrative buildings, shopping centers, hotel complexes
* Food industry - industrial facilities for processing agricultural products and food products and production in greenhouses, etc.
* Manufacturing industry of metal, plastic and wood products
* Construction industry and processing of marble and stone - industrial facilities for the production and processing of construction products

- Renewable energy sources - construction and electro-mechanical installation of small and medium-sized hydro power plants, biogas treatment plants, solar power plants

- Gasification of district heating systems - installing equipment for natural gas transmission and installation for gas use in industry and cogeneration plants, administrative and housing facilities.


Adria Finance HUB combines venture capital fund management, entrepreneurial training and innovation consultancy into an integrated Platform for transforming knowledge into entrepreneur-driven growth. Adria Finance HUB connects the affected financial organizations and institutions interested in financing Green investments. Sponsoring the upcoming Forum will help boost investor confidence in partnership with financial organizations and their sincere intentions to support Green Investment.


На настанот можете да учествувате активно со презентација на предлог проект или пасивно како публика. Пријавување проекти до 25 Октомври 2019 год.
Котизацијата за учество е воедно и годишна чланарина во Комората на Мал Бизнис -Standard членство која изнесува 6.180,00 ден.

Презентација на проекти може да извршат само учесници на ЕУРЕМ обуката. Пријавување за ЕУРЕМ 2020 со пријава на линкот >>>

По пријавувањето, изборот на кандидатите кои ќе учествуваат во групата го врши Industrie und Nandelskammer Nürnberg für Mittelfranken - Индустриска Стопанска Комора на Нинберг.
Проектниот концеп ќе го доставите по потврда на учество во ЕУРЕМ 2020 групата, а најдоцна до 25 Октомври 2019 г.

ЕУРЕМ промотивно видео на линкот >>>


Настанот е отворен за сите заинтересирани учесници, и поддржува вмрежување и остварување меѓусебни деловни контакти.

Повикани за учество се заинтересирани приватни компании, финансиски организации, јавни институции, локалната самоуправа и останати организации и засегнати страни инволвирани во подготовка и реализација на зелени комерцијални и проекти за одржлив развој.


EUREM Award 2020 Competition

Номинираните проекти ќе бидат испратени до EUREM Consortium за потенцијална можност да бидат наградени на претстојната конференција во Атина на 27-28 Мај 2020 г.


Ве молиме да го пријавите Вашето присуство со пополнување на пријавата на линкот >>> СНИМИ ПРИЛОГ односно , која ќе ја доставите на e-mail Информации за пријавување учество и спонзорство на 070 271 901.

КОТИЗАЦИЈА: 6.180,00ден.

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