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The European Green Deal (EGD) aims to mobilize industries and communities for a clean and circular economy. The full involvement of stakeholders in the local dialogue on EGD policies is essential if we are to ensure that the foundations for a comprehensive, inclusive and participatory industrial strategy and action for a circular economy in the community and business are laid.

The services of civil society and business support organizations to the community and business through institutionalized forms will contribute to the establishment of a roadmap for Your Green Deal in your business organization, small or large business, your municipality, local community or your state institution.

Sustainable, green and social economy

Sustainability leaders have a key role to play in defining the future in the New Green Normal. Businesses need to change towards sustainable development. Communities need to be empowered to understand their role and green responsibilities within their place.
Sustainable development need to be developed, taught and implemented. Community engagement in sustainable environment development projects should support green social entrepreneurship and innovation of local youth and socially vulnerable groups.


- To introduce the participants to the European Green Deal and National Industrial Strategy

- To debate the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of these policies

- To develop ideas supporting civil society organisations (CSO) and business support organizations (BSO) in the governance of these policies

- To mobilize CSO on the participation of community in the green policies development

- To prepare for green initiatives of businesses in the framework of local consumer organisations

- То prepare an energy efficiency certificate for companies, which should signal to consumers that carriers are environmentally responsible

- To promote green concepts / case studies



Panel I
European Green Deal Policies

Panel II
Green Social Entrepreneurship

Panel III
Green Concepts / EcoCert


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    Анализа на Кластер 4. Зелена Агенда и Одржлива Поврзаност

    2 ways of Green Build Development
    - concept 1: decentralized green communities
    - concept 2: compact green city

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    Recycled Concrete Pavers
    crowdfunding project

    Green Social Entrepreneurship Network

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