Комората на Мал Бизнис представена на Green Urbanism, 12-14 Октомври 2016

Представник на КОСМО Иновативен Центар - Г-ѓа Емилија Софеска активно учествуваше на Меѓународната Конференција Green Urbanism , 12-14.10.2016 во Рим, Италија. Г-ѓа Софеска се представи со трудот Understanding the livability in a city through smart solutions and urban planning toward developing sustainable livable future of the city of Skopje Во име на Комората на Мал Бизнис членката КОСМО Иновативен Центар за време на конференцијата воспостави соработка со IEREK - меѓународна организација за трансфер на знаење за Архитектура, Урбано Планирање и Одржлив Развој.

The International conference was held in Roma Tre University, Italy. The conference was chaired by Paolo Desideri (Professor of Architecture and Urban Design in the Faculty of Architecture, Roma Tre University) and organized by IEREK. The opening session was held at Ex Mattatoio – Testaccio, which was led and moderated by professor Fabio Naselli (Scientific Director of IEREK EU) who were of great help in organizing this conference and its sessions.

The opening session which was opened by a welcoming word from Mario Panizza (Rector – Roma Tre University), Elisabetta Pallottino (Director of Architecture Department – Roma Tre University), Morad Amer (President and CEO of IEREK).

It was shortly followed by a word from Giuseppe Paolisso (Rector of Napoli Second University), Andrea Sciascia (Director of Architecture Department – Palermo University), Fabio Pollice (Director of “Storia, Società e Studi sull’Uomo” Department – Salento University), Vincenzo De Felice (Director of “Biosciences and Territory” Department – Molise University), Silvia Viviani (President of INU –Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica), Michelangelo Russo, (President of SIU –Società Italiana degli Urbanisti) made an introduction about the conference and its delegates, officially starting the conference, and allowing for the plenary sessions to begin.

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