Twin Green & Digital

Twin Green & Digital is a program of Deutsch Technische Club, Sustainable Energy & Infrastructure (SEI) Consortium and the Association of Energy Managers - EUREM MK Alumni for the design, execution and supervision of SMART digitalization , sustainable and green reconstruction projects in the public sector, the local self-government and the business sector - suitable for financing the ESCO model and the available financial instruments of financial institutions, funds and banks.

The objectives of the Twin Green & Digital program are to adapt / restructure the enterprise for cooperation with the developed economies of the NATO and EU partner countries:

- Digitalisation of organizations based on transparency and information traceability, ready for implementation of blockchain technology for an additional level of security for sensitive or critical data in the supply chain.

- Green the Economy with green investments

- Establishment of ESCO system in the country

- Sustainable Smart Communities with an established circular economy

- Transition to low carbon economy in the countries of the region

The program is realized by:

- Cooperation with institutions, organizations and stakeholders involved in the preparation and implementation of projects for sustainable development, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources and / or preparation and implementation of an institutional framework for sustainable development and energy efficiency policies.

- Networking and realization of mutual business contacts of interested companies that offer energy services and equipment for energy efficiency on the one hand, and clients from the business and public sector and financial institutions.

- Participation in local, regional and international projects for preparation or revision of project documentation, supervision and project realization with the installation of technical equipment

- ESCo-SUN - a model for financing energy efficiency projects in the public sector, local self-government and the business sector

- Eco-En Cert - a platform for promoting, establishing and certifying green projects and sustainable business practices for companies and organizations.

- Smart Digitalization Cluster

- Green Social Entrepreneurship Network

Documents and references:

- Enabling ESCO environment in the Republic of Macedonia - tehnical and legal analyses

- Sustainable Energy & Infrastructure Consortium Portfolio

- Германски Технички Клуб / Deutsch Technische Club

- EUREM MK Alumni - Association of Energy Managers Portfolio

- EUREM MK promotive video

- AL JAZEERA Macedonian Energy Legislative video

- EVN Macedonia investment announcement for 10 MW photovoltaic plants

- Skopje Smart City model

- Understanding the livability in a city through smart solutions and urban planning toward developing sustainable livable future of the city of Skopje

- Light-My-Move


- ESCO-SUN Social enterprise

- E-nergy Smart HUB


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